Tiling Courses Startup. Want to Start Your Own Company? We can Help!

It can be daunting starting your own company. There's nothing in school that teaches you where to begin, who to speak to, who you can trust etc

When my son was looking for an alternative occupation that allowed him to work indoors in the winter with the added bonus of earning a lot more money I pointed him to Robert's course. He completed the course successfully and immediately commenced on tiling projects across West Lothian and beyond.

My son was so convinced that he'd made the right move he talked me in to doing the course too which is where I met Robert.

My business partner and I have a Lead Generation company which gets unique leads for companies who either want to be busier OR expand their company. Some owners want to dominate their market which is absolutely fine by us. It's what we do.

So Robert and I came up with a plan to help newly trained Tilers up and running with their own business.

See below for further details.

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    I Want to Start my own Tiling Company, Where Do I Start?

    Tiling Courses Startup page

    Tiling Courses Scotland is the best place to start. The comprehensive training in Robert's class allows you to move to the next stage knowing you can deliver a great job regardless of who the client is

    You may have already decided that you want to run your own Tiling Business before the training or it may happen during or after the training. No matter which, the process is the same.

    1. You've decided you want your own Tiling Company.
    2. Decide on a Company Name.
    3. Contact us and we can investigate whether the name is available via Companies House and if so, register the name for you.
    4. Introduce you to Douglas J Martin. Our Highly Recommended Accountant,
    5. Discuss the area you want to work in and start getting Leads for that area.*
    6. Discuss whether CSCS and NVQ certificates are required.
    7. Start

    Tiling Courses Startup. Further Information

    *Leads are a bit of a sweary word in some trades. Everyone wants leads but don't want to pay a company that is taking the same money from four or five other companies too. This type of working means a few things. 

    Typically, You pay for the Lead then :

    • A mad race to get to the customer first, even though you may be busy when the lead comes in, interrupting your workflow
    • You may not see the lead until it's too late
    • It may be away by the time you contact the customer
    • Your competitors may be submitting unrealistic quotes to get the jobs
    • The leads may not exist to start with
    • You typically end up with one job out of every ten you pay for

    We've tried this method, and it didn't work for us.

    Our solution was to create a website that is on Page 1 of Google and would concentrate on a particular area. Local SEO for those who know. 

    This means that we get calls from customers who have seen our site, read our way of working, and appreciated it enough to call or contact us. In this way of working there is no mad rush. No paying for leads with a 10% chance of success. No interruption to work. A much higher chance of it being a genuine job. The advantages are many.

    If this is something that would be of interest, please get in touch to see how we can help.

    • We can either create you a one-off website so that you are "official."
    • We can create a website that is monitored to ensure it always stays on top of Google.
    • We can create a website that you don't own but simply provides leads for you.

    All three have different targets and costs. Let us know which one/s you would like to discuss.


    Tiling Courses Startup Page. Please let us Know if you Need any Further Information.