Tiling Courses Scotland - Our Courses

Tiling Courses - Here are a number, but not all, of the activities that we provide over the five days

  • We advise on Health and Safety
  • How to set up a job including preparation
  • What adhesives and grouts to use
  • What tools to use for adhesive on floors and walls
  • What tools to use for cutting ceramic and porcelain tiles.
  • Explain when best to use manual cutter, electric cutter or grinder
  • How to avoid common mistakes
  • How to rectify small mistakes
  • How to cut round sockets, pipes, doors and windows
  • How to cut round mirrors (to a higher degree of closeness than most tradesmen can perform)
  • Install borders
  • How to deal with uneven floors and walls
  • Different patterns of wall tiling. Brick, Herringbone, Straight, Diagonal etc
  • How to measure and quote
  • What tools to buy and where
  • Certificate of Completion

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    Should you not be able to train five days straight, then speak to us. We will do our very best to work our courses round you.

    What Tools do I Need for Working on Residential and Commercial Properties?

    No need to be on your knees at Our Courses

    We provide a comprehensive list of tools that you would need to do a professional job. We can take you to our recommended hardware store in Glasgow to ensure you choose the right tools. We can even help you get a discount on the tools too!

    And the best part?

    Unlike joiners and plumbers who regularly spend thousands and thousands on their tools, you should be able to buy EVERYTHING you need for less than £400. How good is that?!

    How do I Know What to Charge for Pricing Jobs?

    Our Tiling Courses provide both on site and on paper instructions on how best to cost a job.  Whether it’s walls or floors or whether it’s ceramic or porcelain tiles we can provide guidance so you can begin quoting right away.

    Time to grind at Tiling Courses Scotland

    I Have the Skills, the Tools, and I can Price the Jobs, What Next?

    Finishing touches at Tiling Courses Scotland

    Now you decide what you want to do with those Tiling Courses Scotland skills you now have.
    There are many options open to you, but we will assume that you want to start on the journey to owning your own successful business.

    To start with, many people contact friends and family. They feel that there is less pressure on them and that they can charge less while learning great experience "in the field."

    No matter how popular you are, though, you will eventually run out of friends to work for, so then it's time to decide how best to get work and which environment you want to work in.

    Some tilers like to work commercially, which generally tends to be more extended contracts, more metreage, and sometimes but not all, slightly less money than residential work. To operate commercially, the most common way of securing employment is via agencies or word of mouth to those working in the larger companies.

    Residential can mean more places to travel to but can also be very rewarding and provide a great variety. There are many ways to gain work. Adverts in Local Newspapers/Gumtree/Facebook/MyBuilder etc. etc. or you could create your own website.

    If you, like many people, wouldn't know where to start on your own webiste then our partner can assist in doing this for you.

    Your own website means that you don't have to compete with other tradesmen who have also bought leads through the like of MyBuilder bark etc. Your own website leads mean approximately 80-90% chance more success in getting the work.

    Thanks for visiting our Tiling Courses Scotland page. We look forward to hearing from you.