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Why Tiling Courses Scotland?

There are many reasons why we feel you should choose our courses.

  • We are ideally located.
  • Our tutor has many decades of teaching and tiling experience.
  • We don't "pad" our courses with unnecessary distractions. On our course if you are not busy learning, you are doing.
  • We teach you to a level that means you can immediately start earning money.
  • We provide great value for money.
  • We can assist with Accommodation.
  • We can assist with Company Formation.
  • We can assist with getting Leads. These are unique Leads that no one else gets to tender for.

See below for further Frequently Asked Questions.

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    Tiling Courses Questions we are Regularly Asked.

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    Who is the tutor at Tiling Courses Scotland

    Robert (Rab) has been teaching courses for over ten years. Prior to that he has been tiling for decades. He has a great attitude for teaching, his enthusiasm is infectious and nothing is ever a problem. He has taught hundreds of students. Most have went on to work full time in Tiling. Some are part of a further education curriculum (footballers, for life after football) and at his own cost has taught numerous students with special needs. In his spare time he also distributes to the homeless.

    What qualifications do I need to be a tiler?

    None. Niet. Nada. However, to work on a building site you will need an NVQ certicate and we can advise how to gain this. You may also need a CSCS and again we can advise re this.

    How long does a tiling course take?

    The course in general takes five days. Some take a day or two longer. We know of many, many students gaining work the very next week and have tiled successfully ever since

    Seems short

    The course is a "fast track to success" course. We have seen other courses that roll into two, three weeks or more but we are not comfortable that this is actually required and don't want to ask students to pay for more than what we feel is necessary.

    As mentioned on the Home Page, we will train you until you are comfortable to start on your own. If you take longer than the five days we will not charge you a penny more. Who else would do that?

    How good will I be?

    We train our students to go "beyond" the normal training standard. As mentioned above, our ex students would not be so successful if they weren't trained to a great standard. We are happy to provide references from successfully employed ex students.

    Final part of the jigsaw at Tiling Courses Scotland

    And Even More Tiling Courses Questions!

    Tiling Courses Scotland show how to deliver on many variations

    What else can you do to help me start a new career in Tiling?

    Training is the most important part obviously. After training we can assist with getting you up and running as a company. See Our Start Your own Company tab or Click Here.

    Is there accommodation nearby if I need to travel to the course?

    There are lots of accommodation nearby. We have found using Booking.Com Airbnb and normal B&Bs that accommodation ranges from £35 upwards. We can assist in finding accommodation if required.

    What’s the typical expected weekly pay on completion?

    It depends on where you work. Aberdeen tilers make more than those elsewhere in Scotland. Tilers down south are also able to attract a higher rate. Typically in the Central belt you will earn between £200-£300 a day for a normal week.

    Longer days, more difficult work, weekend work can attract more. The faster and more knowledgeable and comfortable you are, the more you will be able to charge. Just like any skill..

    What’s the cost of the course?

    The cost of the course including tea, coffee, biscuits and crisps is £750 per week.

    Will you help with the recommendation and purchase of tools?

    We have a local supplier in Glasgow that has the majority of tools. the remainder can be bought from any hardware store. We will provide a sheet of necessary tools and if required can accompany you to the stores. The main supplier has a discount on currently which provides a £100 referral discount so that's a great start towards the price of your tools

    Do you train students on anything else?

    We are working on rearranging the unit to allow Bathroom Installation tuition. If a Tiler could also install bathrooms then that could potentially double or more the amount of work they can bid for and get. It takes away any need for a plumber and any juggling of when the plumber and tiler can be there. Clients love to be able to deal with one person on Home Improvements.

    Any more Tiling Courses Questions?

    If so, feel free to contact us to see how we can help.

    Electric saw work at Tiling Courses Scotland

     Our professional and friendly team at Tiling Courses Scotland is waiting to hear from you.