Tiling Courses Gallery

Tiling Courses in Scotland. Lots of pics n stuff

See below for a selection of photos of our students in action. You'll see various stages of completion and different uses of the cutting tools.

We remove all tiles from the floor and walls after each course ends and each new student has a blank canvas to work on.

All tiles are recycled as much as possible although we are always on the lookout for anyone who would like bags of broken tiles for whatever reason! Just give us a call and you can have as much as you like. Some people like broken tiles for the bottom of their rockeries, plant pots etc. Fill your boots!

As time goes one we'll keep adding to the collection below.

As mentioned in our other pages we have plans to open a Bathroom Installation course in 2021 and once done we will add those happy student pictures here too.


If you are interested in Bathroom Installations please let us know an we can add you to the waiting list.

Thank You!

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    Tiling Courses Gallery - Continued

    If you have any photos from your time with Robert that you'd like to add to the Tiling Courses gallery, please get in touch. We are always looking for more content to add.

    On the topic of contributing photos for the gallery, Robert has just recently, at his own cost, taken on two young unemployed boys at the Training Centre. They have no money to buy their own tools, and Robert has asked online that if anyone has any excess tools they would like to contribute to drop off at the training centre.

    This is not a one-off exercise as Robert, when he has free spaces, repeatedly trains various types of people, The Homeless, those with Mental Health, Autistic, Struggling Parents, Unemployed, etc.

    There will be many people on the course who may now have the skills to tile to earn their own money but without tools may struggle to get on that first step.


    To continue, Roberts appeals. If anyone has any excess tools that could be reused for a great cause, we would be more than happy to recycle them.
    We think this is a fantastic thing that Robert is doing and are honoured to be able to help out in a small way into helping the community. See below for an excerpt from the local newspaper.

    AR26 Charity Strike to Tackle Youth Unemployment

    As part of our Hope for Youths initiative we were delighted to support 19 year old youths Jamie Spencer and Zak Armstrong from Coatbridge on their road out of unemployment and journey towards a fulfilling future. Hope for Youths aims to facilitate those first chances in life, inspiring young people to prioritise their future and promote positive and supported pathways into further education or employment.

    Jamie and Zak faced employment challenges and were delighted when offered the chance to be trained free of charge as Tilers by founder of the DIY Trade School/TradesmanSchool, Robert Crawford. Robert is a real community champion and trains young people facing barriers to employment, free of charge, when time and resources allow, as he is a great believer in giving youths that chance whenever and wherever possible. Therefore, when Robert reached out to AR26 as part of our Hope for Youths initiative explaining that Jamie and Zak had successfully completed their training, and needed equipped with the tools and resources to embark on their journey as tilers, AR26 were delighted to help.

    “The time and effort Robert Crawford devotes freely to support young people gain invaluable skills to tackle youth employment is truly admirable and we were delighted to join Robert with the resources they needed to embark on their tiling career. We wish Jamie and Zak the best for their future and look forward to following their journey.

    Tilng Courses with guys from AR26 in Coatbridge

    Our professional and friendly team is waiting to hear from you.